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Seoul City Korean Resto + Picnic Grove Side Trip

Seoul City Korean Grill & Resto

Exploring the world of Koreans is not really new anymore. From K-music up to K-drama, many Filipinos have made South Korea their dream country to set foot on. But today, it wouldn’t take you several miles just to experience Korean cult. I know one of your goals was to try some Korean Foods, am I right?

Want to experience grilling delicious beef and pork? How about you join me here at Seoul City Korean Grill & Resto, who recently open new their new branch here in Tagaytay City, Cavite. Perfect way to taste the meat with the perfect weather in Tagaytay makes you the whole Seoul experience. I know there are several Korean Resto all around the country, but I would tell you that this Resto is way more special that I am making a blog post about it.

How to get there?

From Cavite/Manila: Ride a provincial bus bound to Tagaytay and you can tell the bus conductor you are getting off in Pink Sisters. Once you’re there, you just have to cross the street and enter the alley, few walks away and you’ll reach the Seoul City Resto on the left side of alley.

Opening Time: 11:00 am

Closing Time: 11: 00pm


Arriving at the place, you will be greet by their country side theme, the place is a very spacious open area. They have a very large Kubo for the guest that’s want to eat inside and several ‘Kubo’ outside if you want privacy of course. The place was very nice, refreshing and quiet, you know how I love to eat peacefully so I definitely like this Resto.

For the dishes they offered, there are tons, but their best seller was the “Unli Samgyeopsal”

Unlimited Samgyeopsal (Pork Belly) + Unli Rice, side dishes, soup: 350 Pesos/person

Unlimited Beef & Pork + Unli Rice, side dishes, soup: 480 Pesos/person


What made this special? I have been to few Korean Resto, trying the all-time favorite meat grilling experience. But this one I just can’t get enough of the taste, I love the taste of their beef so much. Plus their side dishes were a bomb. Eating the kimchi on other places, I actually conclude that those are not for my taste buds. However, this resto prove me wrong, not all kimchi is bad, theirs was really good and I can feel that taste of the real Korean fermented kimchi. I cannot discuss the taste by detail because I really don’t know how to explain. One word maybe: Delicious.


Too full? How about a side trip to one of the visited places in Tagaytay, the Picnic Grove. This is like the “Mines View” in Baguio, but here they offered horse back riding, some fun activities like zipline. Stores are everywhere. Several cottages are all spread in the area which was good for relaxing and viewing of the Taal Crater Lake.

Entrance Fee: 50 Pesos only

I warn you, there are tons of visitors. However, even there are tons of tourist, I still feel relaxed just by sitting on one of the cottages, sight seeing the Taal Lake and a very refreshing air. The place does not really have that wow factor, but I really love to see the large bodies of trees, and the Taal Lake.

(Other photos here)

If you have limited free time, 1-day is enough and you’ll get a simple but relaxing getaway here.

How about you tell me some of your one day relaxing experience as well?

Thank you for reading and Happy Holidays!

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