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Official First Beach Bum with Fortune Island!

Summer time!
Talking about how hot the season is, you can never forget the first thing that every person pop on their minds when summer has begun. BEACH!

Yes. Beach is particularly the most popular answer to overcome the heat you are experiencing when summer has strike. That’s why me and my friends will give you a tour to one of the most memorable beach experience this summer. Ready to travel back to year 2015? Let’s go!

March 2015

Due to our very strict and busy schedule, it was definitely hard to plan a 2-3 days’ vacation. Our day tour experience, however, is one of my most anticipated experience in my whole life. Why? Unfortunately, this was my first planned beach escapade with my friends, not that I haven’t gone to a beach ever. It’s just that my other beach experience was a family gathering, school fieldtrips, and etc, you know what I mean right? Going back to our summer escapade, we’ve decided to have a day tour experience in what they called the ‘FORTUNE ISLAND RESORT’ which was located in Nasugbu, Batangas.

From what the others’ or should I say the internet, the Fortune Island was known to have this attractively beautiful structure that can make you have a whole Greece experience. The structure was called the ‘Acropolis’ like the Acropolis of Athens, which was located on the other side of the Island in the top of a stunningly curve rock formation.

Total travel time takes about 2-3 hours approximately. Since we were from the province of Cavite which was nearer to the province of Batangas, our Bus travel only takes around 1 hour. We’ve arrive on the town proper of Nasugbu I think and we met with our other friends in McDonalds Fast Food, we also had a breakfast there before we proceed on the boat ride directly to the Island. For our lunch on the island, we hadn’t prepared much, we just bought a chicken in Andoks’ and some packed rice around the town. All eight (8) of us had already made contact with the boat driver before we arrive in Nasugbu, but I think the boat goes with 15 person. Thus, we were joined with a group of four (4) girls on our boat ride to the Island. Boat ride takes around 1-2 hours and tada! Welcome to Fortune Island! Yay!

Upon our arrival, you cannot deny that summer has just really begun as we were welcomed by so many people on the Island. Yes, unfortunately, there were so many tourist on that day, some were a day tourist and some spends the night on the island. The island was not really a resort yet, there were no cottages for the visitors, several people have their own tents build. But fortunately there were like several abandoned houses in the area. It was amazing to see those abandoned design houses which serves as the resting or cottages for other visitors.

After we were settled, we looked for restrooms so that we can go and change with our beach outfit, and let’s say we found nothing! In our own ways, on the back of the abandoned house with the help of our friends covering us with a big towel around, thankfully we’ve change our clothes. Of course as much as we want to go and be hugged by the cold water on the beach, we didn’t forget first to do our photo op right?


Photo time is up! And it’s about lunch time, so we decided to eat our lunch first. Once we were done eating, the four girls have suggested for us to play a game. They brought a game board with them and together the 12 of us had a very enjoyable time together. This game also made them close with us despite we’ve just known them on that certain day.

Let’s go and meet the the cold and very bluish water of the fortune island. It was amazingly beautiful!
And the highlight of our tour? Cliff Diving Jumping!
Cliff Jump  cliff jump 2
That finishes our day tour in Fortune island!
Go and have fun there too, don’t miss it!

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