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Korean Skin Care: Effective or Not?

Several people have been hook up today to the very famous Korean skin care routine. Especially here in our country, Philippines, with a very hot weather, a lot of people are very prone to sweating. Of course, who wouldn’t like to be fresh and haggard-free all day right? It started when the Korean culture have entered the Filipino minds. It was like wow! How can they have that flawless skin, it seems that’s in their genes.

But then, google knows everything right? BOOM! Korean skin care has been spreading like wildfire not just here in the Philippines but all over the globe. There are several Korean beauty shops online, Korean store branches opening up introducing their well-known beauty products. And of course with our curious mind of ours, we tried it and slowly getting hooked up to it.

The big question is, are they really effective or not?

I would like to share my own experience to this several steps of Korean skin care routine. As a Filipina, I am suffering as well on some skin problems, these acnes and tiny bumps, I was like, what is this? How come I have these? Thinking I’ve been always washing my face but these little traitors are ruining my face. I started to be very sensitive on my skin when I first started my job, it seems I’ve finally come to adulthood that I suddenly started to be very conscious.

As I said earlier, google knows everything and tada! With very famous searches online I stumbled up on the 5-steps or 10-steps whatsoever Korean skin care routine. I was very curious that I started to download google apps or visit the site of BeautyMNL, Althea Kr, Sephora, etc. Those are just some of the famous online shops that offers Korean skin care products. Watched online videos so just to start perform and establish my own skin care routine.

Basic Korean Skin Care steps:
  1. Double Cleanse
  2. Exfoliate (1-2 times a week)
  3. Toning
  4. Facial Sheet Mask (2 times a week)
  5. Moisturizing
  6. Sunscreen
Advance Skin Care Routine  includes the treatment line:
  1. Essence
  2. Serum
  3. Ampoule

I started with my own skin care routine and bought products online without even knowing the ingredients, the effect of the products. I’m a newbie, its just I wanted to do something with my face, so I just pick products that are affordable with good reviews.

My first skin care products:
  1. Cleansing Balm – BANILA CO. Clean It Zero
  2. Cleansing Foam – INNISFREE Jeju Volcanic Pore Cleansing Foam
  3. Exfoliator – SKINFOOD Rice Wash-off Mask
  4. Toner – SON & PARK Beauty Water
  5. Moisturizer – MIZON Snail Recovery Gel Cream

Honestly at first, it feels very different. It was like the feeling of having a cleaner face for the first time of my life. Thus, I conclude that Korean products are great. It does some magic on my face, I mean there is slight improvement. Until few months I’m still into the Korean skin care routine, just replacing some of the products after I’d emptied it and try something new. Then I started to realized there were not really significant change in my skin.The bumps are still there and I’ve been suffering a very visible blackheads on my nose area. I have some brown spots and hyperpigmentation on my skin. I’ve been thinking, are still these worthy?

So, back to scratch again, I started to read blogs and watch some videos carefully and understand every words of it. And that’s the time I realize that I’ve been ignoring and skipping some things before starting out as I was blinded by just reading good reviews in the products.

Lesson learned. Now before starting the Korean skin care routine, it is a MUST that you should know what your SKIN TYPE first that’s because I just recently learned that the products are not developed to treat all types of skin. So literally if the products you are using is not for your skin type then you’ve just wasted your money for something that isn’t very worth investing of. So know your skin type first, there are some steps you can searched in the web on how to determine your skin type. These are the types on skin that we may have:

Oily Skin – You have this distinct oil all over your face because of the excess sebum production of your skin. Pores are very large and visible by the naked eye. Mostly the oily skin type are very much prone to acne.

Normal Skin – For this type of skin, your face is not that oily nor dry and everything is just normal.

Dry Skin – If you always this tight feeling on your face then you have this skin type. Pores are very small that you even think you don’t have it, these very tight pores are blocking your skin to produce their own sebum resulting to a very flaky skin.

Combination Skin – This type is a combination of oily/normal or dry skin. This is a very common skin type for all where in there are oily skin areas and some are dry/normal. Mostly oily on the what you called T-zone area(nose and forehead) and dry/normal on the U-zone area of your face.


After I tried the steps, I have discovered that I have a combination skin type and believe it or not I’ve been telling myself for the past few months that I have the oily skin type. Large pores saying hello on the nose area. Suffering from a very excessive oil on my nose and forehead is not a joke. Also tiny bumps on my jawline, brown spots visible all over my cheeks. I’ve been asking myself always as to why does my acne’s favorite spot is on my nose, chin and forehead, finally the question has been answered for so long. Seems there are three major issues I have to resolve on my skin: (1) Large Pores; (2) Clogged Pores on my jawline; (3) Hyperpigmentation

Now, I am going back to zero and will slowly construct my own routine again. As some article says, we should know first what’s your target to treat because you cannot treat them all like a magic. Patience is a must, trial and errors are always there, so do it until we get the right one. Thus, I plan to treat first my large pores that’s creating my excessive oil on my face.

If you plan to treat this large pores first, you should know that usage of the well-known chemical exfoliant salicylic acid (BHA) is very essential. There are other ingredients that you need to know for every skin problems you need to treat like the BHA, AHA, Centella Asiatica, Vitamin C, etc. I’m not going to explain further about those alien terms since I am no expert but maybe on my next article I can share with you more about them. But since I target to treat my large pores I can share you the basics of BHA. So, BHA is a very gentle chemical exfoliant that can penetrate deep onto your pores and naturally do its job, it was also known too as a pore refining ingredient.

So let’s cut the drama and proceed, here’s my new product line up:

Double Cleansing

Cleansing Balm (only at night) – still my favorite BANILA CO. Clean It Zero, a very light weight balm that melts onto oil-type the moment it touches your skin. It just gently strips away all the make-up residue and other impurities that can penetrate your pores.

Cleansing FoamCOSRX Good Morning Gel Cleanser, I haven’t tried it yet but literally it was everyone’s  favorite cleanser. Introduced to have a PH level of 5. BHA was also included on the top ingredients that’s why I have put this in my routine. (Previous Cleanser: INNISFREE Jeju Volcanic Pore Cleanser)

Exfoliating (1-2 times a week)

ExfoliantNEOGEN Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Green Tea. A very gentle exfoliator helps remove the dead skin cells and some impurities that may penetrate onto your skin. Top ingredients includes the Centella Asiatica, Green Tea Extract, etc.


TonerBENTON Aloe BHA Skin Toner. Again, I told you I am exploring the world of BHA, with its 0.5% Salicylic Acid(BHA) on its ingredient, as well as hyaluronic acid for some dry areas of my skin, it may soon become my holy grail product.


EssenceMISSHA Time Revolution First Treatment Essence. Contains 80% of fermented yeast which was known to very effective in repairing damage skin and even out your skin tone. It was a very expensive one so I’ll try to purchase the trial bottle first.

Serum/Ampoule – Since I don’t want to pressure my skin too much, maybe I’ll just slowly add this to my routine. Serums and ampoules are also the same with essence and are all develop as a treatment product. But Serums and ampoules have more highly concentrated ingredients than the Essence, a tiny drop is enough for one usage.

The order from less concentrated to highly concentrated is first the Essence, Serum and the most concentrated one is the ampoule.

Facial Sheet Mask (1-2 times a week)

Sheet Mask – For this step, I haven’t choose yet what sheet mask should I use. Honestly, there are tons of sheet mask out there that you can’t even choose. It was fast acting product that you can see the results right away. Sheet mask is a highly concentrated essences that comes into different type of ingredients. I actually plan to try different sheet mask, maybe depending on my mood? (lol!)


Moisturizer  – For this one, I haven’t decided yet what to use as my moisturizer. Maybe I’ll stick to the one I have right now, THE FACE SHOP Chia Seed No Shine Hydrating Cream. It was an oil-free cream with chia seed and cotton extract. Said to have the hydrating ingredient for the dryer areas and controls the sebum on some areas. But I haven’t seen the effect on my nose part, since it still can’t control my oily nose but on the cheek part I think it works well. Might be this moisturizer can be more of good to Dry skin type.

Sunscreen (Day only)

SunscreenBIORE UV Perfect Face Milk SPF50++. An ultra-light weight sunscreen with a mattifying texture after application onto the skin. It was a nice sunscreen as it was a translucent once it was applied and did not leave any white cast.

Well, sunscreen is not very essential for me, but I’ve learned that this step should not be skipped. Because if you’re not going to use sunscreen, all the product you’ve applied is useless. So I am trying now to be consistent in applying SPFs. I’ll try to explore some sunscreens as well. Actually, I am eyeing the INNISFREE Daily UV Protection Cream.


And that summarizes all. I still cannot guaranteed the effect of this routine but I am surely update all of you guys. I’ll definitely share with you the effectiveness of the products, as well as choosing the right product for your skin type.

Honestly, I am enjoying the world of Korean beauty and I think there are more great things to discover deep within it.

A final reminder to you guys, don’t just jump into something you are not sure of, and be careful in choosing the product so it will always be worth it. Trials and errors are some things you’ll encounter along the way but don’t give up and let’s achieve our goals together to have a more beautiful and healthier skin. We are all beautiful, you just have to crack that wall and discover the beauty within.

Have a nice day and thanks for your time reading this.

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