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Great way to start 2017

Another year has come by and it’s now 2017. A great way to start my 2017? Here it is! It has been a while since I have been into blogging. Coming back to blogosphere is one of my most wanted thing to do right now. I remember I started to do blog way back from when I was in college and look what I am now. It’s been a very busy past years for me which made me stop from doing this. My college thesis is a no joke, and graduating is definitely not a joke too. Hardships with studying occurs every time and seriously maintaining blogs would be hell for me. I’ve graduated not with flying colors though but it was the biggest accomplishment for my parents who was very supportive since the beginning. Graduating with an Engineering course is an honor and what more as I’ve passed the board exam. It is definitely worth it.

Many things I would love to say and share but this is not probably the right time. As much as I would like to share my happenings these past few years but I need to end this rants right now. Hope to see you on my next post.

Next time, we will travel back in my most memorable days before 2017 comes.

Thank you for passing by and have a nice day everyone!

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