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Great way to start 2017

Published on January 17, 2017 | File Under Blog, Life, Random | Comment?

Another year has come by and it’s now 2017. A great way to start my 2017? Here it is! It has been a while since I have been into blogging. Coming back to blogosphere is one of my most wanted thing to do right now. I remember I started to do blog way back from […]

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Who's Elle?

Hello there! It’s me, Loise. Welcome to my little journal. A home full of mini adventures and stories of this little damsel engineer. Hope you enjoy! Read more..

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2017 Boracay Adventure

Hi readers! I’m back. So I’m gonna talk about our Boracay adventure last July 27-30, 2017. It’s a 3 days and 2 nights vacation since we’re gonna arrive at Boracay estimated by 12mn of July 28. We’ll talk about how we survive with our overall 7000php budget on the island which includes our plane ticket, […]

Beach in November? Yes way!

November 2015 Summer is already way over when this little wanderers decided to take a stroll in the beach. What an odd way to get under the heat of the sun especially in this kind of season, but hey! We did it! This was not really new especially if you’re living here in Philippines. Getting tanned […]

Official First Beach Bum with Fortune Island!

(photos credit to my friend Roselle <3) Summer time! Talking about how hot the season is, you can never forget the first thing that every person pop on their minds when summer has begun. BEACH! Yes. Beach is particularly the most popular answer to overcome the heat you are experiencing when summer has strike. That’s […]

2015 Flashback: Summer Aloha Fun Run

I am not really fond of outdoor activities. Ever since I step in as a freshman in high school, my neighbor hasn’t got to see the glimpse of me. I am what you called, school-home-school-home girl or whatever you call that. I rarely step outside the house since then. Here comes the challenge, I graduated […]

2015 Flashback: First Hiking Escapade

When talking about a person’s bucket list, certainly you cannot forget about including “hiking” on your list, right? I’ve told you on my last post that I am going to share my past experiences before I started this blog. And so, we’re going to talk about my first hiking experience ever. So much for being […]

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