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Beach in November? Yes way!

November 2015

Summer is already way over when this little wanderers decided to take a stroll in the beach. What an odd way to get under the heat of the sun especially in this kind of season, but hey! We did it!

This was not really new especially if you’re living here in Philippines. Getting tanned was not a problem, even with the rainy/cold season in PH you cannot deny the hot weather surrounding the country. So here we are, enjoying the white beach that strides along the Munting Buhangin Beach Resort located in the province of Batangas.

Munting Buhangin Beach ResortHonestly speaking, the resort is very simple and not the type that you can go ‘awe!’ when you first saw the it. But I can fondly say that I enjoy the simple looking resort of Munting Buhangin. Since we have decided to have fun during this month, there’s not much people at the resort so we can enjoy the place and take beautiful pictures together.

Here’s some sneak peak of our escapade.

Should I remind everyone that before you can reach the Munting Buhangin paradise, you should pass through the hell stairs with approximately 50+ steps.

It was definitely exhausting just to reach the resort, but getting a little work out is not bad right? The resort is very much worth it so when you decided to take a stroll here, a friendly reminder, save up your energy in the beginning.


You cannot forget this very common game when you’re in the beach, volleyball!

The resort is offering a volleyball for rent in 1 hour by just 50 pesos.
Munting Buhangin Beach Resort


Last but not the least, Banana Boat!

It’s my first time riding it, and man, that ride was definitely worth it.

They offer a banana boat ride for 8 persons by 1500 pesos. Don’t miss it! It’s fun, I promise.
Munting Buhangin Beach Resort

Don’t forget to visit Munting Buhangin Beach also! Have fun!

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