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About Blog:
How did I come up with that domain name? “Elle” came from the “El” of my name: Eloisa. Since I’ve decided for it to be a personal blog and I want my name on it, then I started thinking that putting Eloisa is so awkward. Thus, I ended up with Elle, simple but lady-like, right?

So, what this blog all about? To put it simple, it’s a personal blog. To explain further, this blog is all about my life. Just like an open diary, things and experience I would love to share to everyone. And lastly, the other stories of my life where the others haven’t seen yet.

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Why did I make this blog?

I made this blog for myself and I consider this as my own journal. I would love to get my confidence in writing build up and certainly, discover more of myself through this.

Actually, I already started blogging way back from 2008 or 2009 I think, though I don’t actually remember when because it was not that stable though. I started from a subdomain and then with a free domain such as dot.tk, dot.co.uk, etc. Since I was a student back then and I can’t afford or simply doesn’t know about buying a domain name so I use those free domain names. It was fun actually, that’s when I started to know a deeper knowledge in web designing, css and php programming. I learned many things while doing this blogging thing but unfortunately that time I had to focus more on my studies since I was already in college. And that’s the reason why I told you that my blog wasn’t stable. I already started to love blogging that’s why I am trying to get it back up but then, I wasn’t able to maintain it, and in the end, I really decided to stop blogging and start to focus on my studies.

Let’s fast forward and here I am now, graduated and now working. My love for blogging didn’t stop so finally I started again!



We are done talking about the blog and the reason of starting it.
Let’s now talk about the girl behind this journal.







Hello readers! My name is Eloisa Pugeda, goes by the nickname Loise. 24 years of existence and a graduate of Technological University of the Philippines-Manila. A board passer of the national exam for Electronics Engineering. Yes! I’m an Engineer. Currently working as a Test Engineer at Maxim Integrated Philippines, a semiconductor company located here in Gen. Trias, Cavite.

Aside from me being in love with electronic circuits, I certainly have a relationship with web designing and programming. This is actually one of my past times during my off-work or free time.

Other things I love to do:

  • Adobe Photoshop editing
  • Reading novels
  • Watching Korean drama series
  • KPOP
  • Travel

If you want to know more of me, you can follow me through this:
Twitter: its_loise
Instagram: im.loise