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2017 Boracay Adventure

Boracay Panorama

Hi readers! I’m back. So I’m gonna talk about our Boracay adventure last July 27-30, 2017. It’s a 3 days and 2 nights vacation since we’re gonna arrive at Boracay estimated by 12mn of July 28. We’ll talk about how we survive with our overall 7000php budget on the island which includes our plane ticket, island activities, foods, lodging, pasalubong, etc. How to enjoy this well-known paradise with tight budget? Let’s get started.

Book a Flight

I know this is essential and is already given. You cannot go to Boracay if you don’t have flight tickets, right? Unless you are a resident of the province nearby Aklan. So we bought our tickets a year before our planned vacation. We’ve got a promo from Air Asia with a two-way plane tickets of 1250php. Boracay ticket is expensive, so you have to wait for a promo if you are really considering your budget.

Plane Ticket: P 1250.00 [Two-way]


Book Hotels/Inn

Weeks before our vacation, we have looked on different hotels and lodging area where we can stay for 3 nights. And believe me, there were so many lodging areas around the town. Boracay Island is very huge that it composes of three(3) stations. Several lodging areas are available per station, but, of course, location and its service depends on its price.

Again, I said we were tight of budget, so we search for a nice and cozy Inn/Hotel with a budget friendly prize. And tada! We’ve found one! The Inn we’ve found is called the “ISLAND INN” and this cost us 950php per person for two (2) nights. Yes, you’ve read it right, 950php for three nights already and this also includes a free breakfast during our stay. The room consist of another separate room inside with a double-sized bed, as well as a two single-bed, we have our own Comfort room also, a balcony and the room is also centralized with air condition.

Hotel/Inn: P 950.00 [2 nights]


Travel to Boracay!

  • Travel to NAIA

Since we were from Cavite. We took a bus to Coastal Rd and rode a taxi from there to Airport.

Bus:       P 25.00

Taxi:       P 60.00


  • Dinner

Since our travel time is 9pm. We had our dinner at the airport.

Dinner: P 45.00


  • Van and Boat Travel

As we arrived at the Kalibo Airport, you can see a booth at the left side which are the booth for van and boat ride that will take you directly to the Island. Don’t panic, no matter what time of the day you’ve arrive, boats are available there 24/7.

Van:       P 200.00

Boat:     P 75.00 [for night travel], P 25.00 [for day travel]


  • Terminal and Environmental Fee

Once you arrived at the Caticlan Jetty Port with Van, before you rode the boat you need to pay for the Environmetal Fee and Terminal Fee

Environmental Fee:        P 75.00

Terminal Fee:                    P 100.00


  • Cagban Jetty Port

Boat ride takes around 10-15 minutes from Caticlan Jetty Port to the Cagban Jetty Port (Boracay). Once you arrived at Cagban, we rode a tricycle which will take us to our lodging area. Since our lodging area is in Station 2, most likely at the center of the Boracay Island, our rent for the Tricycle is about 150 php, since we’re consist of four persons, dividing it would take 38php each.

Tricycle:                P 38.00 [per person]


  • Check-in, Good night!

Once we arrive, we check-in immediately, and quick preparation so we can sleep already since we arrive there by 12 midnight. We need beauty rest for the next day, right?


Our Boracay Activities

  • First Day in Bora

Good thing our hotel is just a 5-min walk to the beach. As we entered the Boracay shore, I was amazed by the area. Several stores, restaurants, boutique, etc. It’s like a city beside the beach shore. Anyway, it’s already very common to Boracay, there were so many tourist, foreigners but I’ve seen most of them are Chinese and Koreans.

We first, explore the island, walk and take pictures of course. We also look for some fun activities to do in Boracay. And believe me, this is the most irritating part when you were in Boracay, several locals were going to approach you every time and will sell something or negotiating with the activities. I know that is there job, but it’s very annoying especially when you said no and they are still persistent. Believe me! That’s the only thing I don’t like in Boracay.

Moving on, we found a cheap package for Island Hopping + Helmet Diving! Just for 900 php per person only.

Island Hopping and Helmet Diving:           P 900.00


  • We go Island Hopping!

Puka Beach

Puka BeachPuka beach is one of the hidden gem of Boracay, the island also represents its long white beach with crystal clear water. This is a must visit when you are in Boracay. The beach also is very simple but breath-takingly beautiful. Don’t forget your camera it’s very worth a pose!


Ariel’s Point

If you are an adventurous person, then Ariel’s point must be of your choice. This is very famous with their cliff diving spot. They have several diving heights to offer depending how high you want to dive. Money is essential as well if you want to dive, you’ll need to pay for the entrance fee of 100php

Entrance fee: P 100.00

Crystal Cove

Crystal Cove

Another great spot in Boracay you don’t want to miss, the Crystal Cove! It is very famous snorkeling area in Boracay. And believe me (I know you don’t want to believe me anymore since I keep saying that since I started this post, haha!), the area is very fantastic, it has two different caves you can enter, both of it you need to go down beneath the island and it was very exciting. I can’t explain further because I just don’t how to explain this beautiful place, I just want you to experience this yourself and it was very worth it. I’ll just share some pictures during our tour in Crystal Cove. Again, there is an entrance fee.

Entrance fee: P 200.00

Cove 1

Cove 2







In between your Island Hop, free buffet lunch is included! Yay! And the food is very delicious. It’s very worth it guys.

  • Hungry Girls!

Halowich Mango Ice Cream!Food! Yes, no matter how beautiful the island is, please don’t forget to eat. We had dinner at Andoks’ located inside the Boracay D’mall. You read it right again, there was a mall inside the Boracay Island.

After dinner, we strolled inside the mall and saw this infamous ice cream boutique in town, namely Halowich. They serve this fruit ice cream, and man, several tourist are after this, this must be delicious! So we were attracted to buy one as well. I must say I don’t regret buying it. It’s yummy!

Dinner:                 P 89.00

Dessert:               P 100.00

  • Helmet Diving

On our second day at Boracay, we had the schedule for Helmet Diving in the morning. What is Helmet Diving? Well, from the word itself, you’ll just to wear the helmet and dive underneath the water and see the fishes, yey! LOL! But the thing is, that’s now just simple. You have to wear a 20Kg helmet, but most likely you’ll feel nothing on the weights of it when you are already underneath the water. Say hello to the underwater paradise. The package includes our 15-min GoPro video under the water, exploring the sea with your eyes and feeding the cute little fishies. It was fun, definitely fun so don’t miss it.

Helmet Dive

  • Foods, again!

Oh come on, we were human too, so we need to eat. We just had our simple lunch at the Carenderia near our hotel. The place is not just a carenderia you can find in Manila, it was a very cozy eating place and the food serving is large, don’t forget the taste as well.

Lunch: P 57.00

Bottled Water: P 20.00


  • Energy is full, let’s go and Paddle!

Let's Paddle!

After our lunch, we rest a bit and energized ourselves. Beach stroll is a must! And don’t forget to take a lot of pictures.

We go swim, take pictures, swim, take pictures, etc. We saw some people paddling so we were tempt, we have rented a stand-up paddle as well. Paddling is definitely fun. We rented it for 30-45 minutes by the way.

Stand-up Paddle:              P 250.00


  • Sand Castle, hurray!

Boracay Sand Castle made by Yours Truly!I know this is very child-like, but hey, you cannot forget to build the sand castle when you’re in Boracay, right? So hey, we made one while waiting for the sunset.


  • Dinner and Night chillin’

Of course, dinner is a must. We had dinner and after that we’ve decided to chill during the night. So we had ordered some mango shake and chill at one of the night resto bar, the place is very relaxing as we have our cozy girl’s night near the shore. Girl talk, of course!

Dinner:                 P 307.00

Mango Shake:    P 150.00


  • Last day!

Sadly, our vacation is coming to an end. We woke up early and ate our breakfast in McDonalds, note that the price of foods at McDo Boracay is way more expensive there.

After we ate, we had our leisure walk in the beach and stroll it from Station 2 to Station 1. Take pictures and chill on one of the Bar near the shore. I ordered a Fresh Buko Juice. We relax and talk while looking at the beautiful white beach of Boracay.

Breakfast:           P 93.00

Buko Juice:          P 106.00


  • Pasalubong Shopping

Don’t forget the pasalubong guys. We bought pasalubong on different areas, there were several stores in the area, we also explore D’mall to bought some.


Keychains – 8 pcs for P 100.00

Coin Purse – 5 pcs for P 100.00

Ref Magnet – 2 pcs for P 100.00

Sando – 2 pcs for P 180.00

Sando (for kids) – 1 pc for P 90.00

T-shirt – 1 pc for P 150.00

Shawl – 1 pc for P 250.00

Bracelet – 1 pc for P 50.00


  • Lunch at Jollibee

Before our way back and leave the island, we had our lunch first at Jollibee. Same as McDo, the food price are way expensive as well.

Lunch: P 150.00


Ready to go home ☹

  • Tricycle to Cagban Port

We rent a tricycle again for 150php on our way back to the Cagban Jetty Port

Tricycle: P 38.00


  • Cagban Jetty Port to Caticlan Jetty Port

We need to pay again the terminal fee once you rode the boat.

Boat:                     P 75.00

Van:                       P 200.00

Terminal Fee:     P 100.00


  • Back to NAIA

Saying goodbye again. I’m finally back to reality. Vacation has come to an end. We rode a metered taxi on our way back home of course.

Taxi: P 100.00


That summarizes our Boracay Vacation! Hope this post helps you a little. Thank you!

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