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2015 Flashback: Summer Aloha Fun Run


I am not really fond of outdoor activities. Ever since I step in as a freshman in high school, my neighbor hasn’t got to see the glimpse of me. I am what you called, school-home-school-home girl or whatever you call that. I rarely step outside the house since then.

Here comes the challenge, I graduated and got a stable work. The company that I’ve worked on is not just a totally all-work company, they have this different outdoor activities to have their employee some bonding and work-free time.

Summer Aloha Fun Run. Just what the title says, it’s a fun run! My company just organized an outdoor event happening in Nuvali, Laguna. All employees are of course invited to register and join the run. And not that you expected, but I join the event. Impossible? Nah. Well, I probably want another chapter in my diary huh, it’s my first fun run ever.

Being a noob again, I register to a 5K run. I joined without thinking how far 5K was for a first timer like me. But hey, just like my hiking escapade, I survived and manage to run 5K in a mediocre span of time I guess. Definitely, it was fun. I feel like I’m an innocent girl who just got out of my house after a decade, lol.

With MaxiBear! It was actually a great achievement I’ve done and promise myself to do it again. Running is not just running because you want. You also get to have an extraordinary exercise for your whole body and it’s a good thing for our health.

I have a great feeling after the run together with friends, a great place, fresh air and the sunrise, it’s fantastic! I am very thankful to my company having this kind of event.

Here’s my picture with our company mascot! MaxiBear!

Remember, jog and run 10-15 minutes every day is a good exercise for our body. Let’s all get fit and healthy in our own way.

Thanks for reading and have a good day!



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