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2015 Flashback: First Hiking Escapade

When talking about a person’s bucket list, certainly you cannot forget about including “hiking” on your list, right? I’ve told you on my last post that I am going to share my past experiences before I started this blog. And so, we’re going to talk about my first hiking experience ever.

So much for being a beginner, I am not at my utmost hiking prep. Skinny jeans, fitted t-shirt and a chuck taylor shoes is my game. Surely you’re thinking “Are you really going for a hike?” but ‘Yes’! I am. Just a careful reminder for beginners though, please don’t try to have that outfit in a hike ever. My outfit gives me the whole uncomfortable experience but it’s definitely fun. So how did I manage to survive, eh? I don’t have any idea also but I am writing you this post so definitely I am a survivor! Anyhow, I did manage to hike with those clothes since practically that mountain is good for beginners.

Mt. Pico De Loro (also known as Mount Palay-palay)

Pico De loro SummitTogether with my eight(8) co-workers, we travel from Dasmariñas, Cavite to Ternate, Cavite by car. Fortunately, one of my co-workers have a Terrano Car, its actually magical we got fitted on to it. God knows how, but we manage.  Since it was only a day hike, we have eaten breakfast before the hike and just a packed food for our lunch. Another reminder also, water is essential, so don’t forget to have your own water during the hike. Packed lunch is just an option since Pico De Loro have this what they call the Base camp 1 where most of the people built their tent(if you are going for an overnight stay on the mountain) and there are stores in the area where you can buy lots of foods and water.
That’s not yet the end of our hike, as Mt. Pico De Loro had this Pointed Summit that resembles a shape of a beak. Beside the Pico De Loro Summit, is a monolith. We haven’t gone to the monolith since there were so many hikers that day and it seems more hard to hike though due to its 90 degrees rock formation.

Pico De Loro MonolithIt’s not yet the end of our escapade. We’ve got so much fun during our travel from bottom to top but it was definitely much more fun during our hike to the bottom. What we did is a traverse hike on the mountain, we’ve got to Pico De Loro in Ternate, Cavite but we descend and hike back to Nasugbu, Batangas. We actually forgot our car was park on the Pico De Loro entrance in Ternate, funny we just remember it after we descend. Thus, another fun part is travelling from Batangas to Cavite by a tricycle.

And done! Say goodbye to my first hiking experience. Well, it’s not a goodbye though, if I have the “First”, then there should be a “Second”, right?

Hope you enjoy reading my funny and noob hiking escapade. See you on my next post guys.

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